Grazing Overeaters

Grazing overeaters eat continuously all day, not letting themselves experience hunger. They eat because it's there, they eat to avoid things they don't want to do, they eat because they're bored, they eat because they're uncertain. They have a hard time telling when they're hungry, so they create a rule: when in doubt, eat.

The biggest trigger for grazing overeaters is lack of structure: large, unstructured blocks of time are when they are most likely to overeat. Under all this grazing, these overeaters have a hard time making decisions. One (former) grazer told me, "I tell my friends I became a vegetarian so that when we go out to eat, I'll only have one or two things to choose from on the menu. That way, it won't take me forever to decide."

Grazing overeaters need to be taught how to sense what they want to eat and when they don't. Since grazing overeaters usually have problems with decisions in general, this work goes side-by-side with helping them sense what they want in every decision they face. Once they have learned to be their own judge of what they want and don't want from life, they will find their eating falls into place. Lifestyle coaching is the treatment of choice for grazing overeaters.

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