Misunderstood Overeaters

Misunderstood overeaters are sensitive people who intuitively understand emotions and relationships in a way that is almost psychic. However, that knowledge was not appreciated in the families they grew up in or the groups they are currently a part of. In fact, they often become scapegoats in groups, because they may speak to what other people don't want to acknowledge. They learned, early in life, to eat away their nagging sense of not being understood or listened to.

Misunderstood overeaters need to find people in their life, both individuals and groups, who listen to them and understand what they have to say. Once they have this outlet, they will no longer need to speak out in groups where they will be put down for their point of view.

Misunderstood overeaters can benefit from group work if the group "speaks their language," and gives them space to express their point of view. However, they should be encouraged to leave group experiences if they start becoming the scapegoat. Most will need one-on-one lifestyle coaching or therapy at some point, as therapists are the people most likely to be able to help them understand and make sense of their intuition.

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