Overworked Overeaters

Overworked overeaters spend most of their time meeting the needs of other people. This may be as parents, with their kids, or at work, helping clients, co-workers or their bosses. At the end of the day, they find themselves hungry, tired, and resentful of how everyone else comes first in their lives except themselves. Then, they may end up sitting in front of the television, eating large quantities of comfort foods.

Most overworked overeaters enjoy some form of regular exercise. Their problem is fitting it into with the rest of their life. They often wait until everything else is in order before they do something for themselves, and by then they're too tired to move.

Overworked overeaters need help putting themselves and their health first in their lives. Groups, workshops, lifestyle coaching, and body-centered therapy can all be useful ways for overworked overeaters to learn how to say, "No," to others and, "Yes," to themselves.

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