Picky Overeaters

We tend to think of picky eaters being too thin, but some people who don't like many foods overeat on the few they like, usually foods with high calorie and low nutritional content. Some people are so picky they don't really like any foods. These people may look like their opposite: they eat everything in front of them, without tasting, in order to not deal with the fact that they don't really like anything they eat.

Picky eaters need to learn to put the pleasure back into their eating process. They need help tasting and smelling the food in front of them, so they can develop a liking for a wider variety of foods. As they begin to enjoy the foods they eat, they can learn to differentiate what they are hungry for on any given day.

Most picky overeaters need one-on-one therapy in order to overcome their problems; however, groups and workshops may bring up issues they can then explore more deeply in private therapy. Lifestyle coaching is rarely helpful for them, until they have overcome their picky eating issues.

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