If you have answered these questions honestly, your eating is rarely out of control.

Perhaps you took this quiz because you are a perfectionist or too hard on yourself about what you eat. You may consider giving yourself a break and being okay with occasionally eating the foods you love.

Perhaps you think you should eat less because you are unhappy with your body. If so, you might consider personal coaching with Tory Butterworth, PhD to increase your body esteem. Tory offers a free 30-minute live phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Maybe you’re wondering whether a friend or relative of yours is a compulsive overeater. Feel free to read my description of what it’s like to be a compulsive overeater to see what they may be going through. You may also want to send them the link for this quiz or share my free ebook, 4 Flavors of Compulsive Overeating.

Thank you for taking the time today to better understand yourself and your body.

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