Tory Butterworth, PhD

Licensed Professional Counselor

Tory Butterworth, PhD spent twenty years addressing her compulsive eating issues through diets, exercise, and lifestyle changes, successfully shedding the desired pounds many times but each time gaining them back, with additional weight. Finally, at the age of thirty-eight, she wised up and admitted that she would not be able to maintain a normal weight until she dealt with the psychological issues underlying her compulsive eating. For the past twenty years she has been using a variety of techniques to heal eating issues within herself and her clients.

Through the Bodynamics body-mind psychotherapy training program, Tory learned how to identify and work with unresolved developmental issues. This work is based on a seven-stage developmental model, which pinpoints the specific problems each client brings into therapy. Body, mind, and spiritual techniques are then applied based on the particular issues involved. Tory is trained at the practitioner level through the Bodynamics Institute, USA.

Shock trauma is created by incidents in a person’s life which threatened his or her survival. Tory learned to identify and resolve shock trauma through the three-year Embodiment training program developed by Bill Cornell, MA. Tory diagnoses and treats these issues with her compulsive eating clients as a part of her work with them.

Tory has extensive experience with mind-body approaches to spirituality. She has practiced yoga since she was sixteen, completing yoga teacher training through Shadyside Yoga, Pittsburgh, PA. She has done extensive study in metaphysics, guided meditation, and practical mysticism through The Upper Room, Swissvale, PA. She uses these skills when she conducts groups and workshops in STOP Eating Your Feelings. She has co-led groups in Mindfulness for Depression and Mindful Eating through Mercy Behavioral Health in Pittsburgh, PA, where she worked as a therapist and then a trainer for mental health staff.

After receiving her PhD in psychology from the University of Michigan, Tory conducted research in medical decision making for ten years at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic and The University of Pittsburgh. She has authored articles in academic journals, written book chapters, presented at academic conferences, and was the co-investigator on two grants funded through the National Institute of Health.

Tory lives in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, with her cat Bob. Her hobbies include yoga, folk dancing and writing fiction.

Tory is a registered Out-of-State Telehealth Provider in the State of Florida.
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A free phone assessment provides an opportunity to reflect on your problems in a pressure-free atmosphere to help you decide what sort of work best fits for you at this time. Tory will ask about your current issues, when they started, and your previous experiences with personal growth work.

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