“Talking Nice” to Your Body

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Would you like to learn how to “talk nice” your body?

Let’s face it, many of us say things to our bodies we would not tell our worst enemy.

Our culture encourages women to be mean to our bodies through comparing ourselves to impossible standards. We are taught to focus on how our bodies appear to others rather than what our bodies do for us. How our bodies look from the outside rather than how they feel on the inside.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to let go of your critical self-talk?

In this workshop I will help you identify the ways you currently talk to your body. I will teach you new ways to talk to yourself, introducing acceptance, appreciation, and respect into your repertoire. I will give examples of positive self-talk and then coach participants on the process of changing their inner dialogue.

Stop talking smack to your body and learn how to love yourself instead.


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