Did you know that 95% of diets fail?

People can lose weight on diets, it’s true. But most only lose weight for six months, followed by regain. Most people regain what they lost and an additional 5 to 10 pounds after each diet cycle.

One of my clients said, “Don’t tell me that 95% of diets fail! Then there’s no way out.” I’m not telling compulsive overeaters that they can never change their eating habits or experience the joys of a leaner, more active body. I’m saying that if diets don’t work, then we need to find other ways to resolve compulsive eating issues.

Why do diets fail? They fail because they are missing something.

What is that secret ingredient that diets are missing, that is necessary in order for compulsive overeaters to lose weight and keep it off?

It has to do with the emotions underlying compulsive overeating. Women who eat their feelings don’t just eat when they’re hungry, they eat as a way to get something that food doesn’t provide.

What is that something?

It’s a little different for every compulsive overeater. For some, food provides rest and comfort. For others, it’s safety. Eating may be something to do when you’re frustrated or bored. While every compulsive overeater has a different variation on the theme, each of them has a reason to eat when their bodies don’t acually need food.

The STOP program is intended to get to the roots of why compulsive overeaters eat their feelings. Without understanding the needs they are trying to meet through food, changing food plans becomes an exercise in frustration and futility.

So, how do you beat the odds in the diet game? Get to the roots of your problem so you can STOP eating your feelings?

I am currently developing online courses which will help you understand where your problem comes from and what you can do to change it. Join my STOP Eating Your Feelings: One Nibble at a Time email list to receive regular freebies and learn about my online courses as they are released.

I would like to help you experience the peace that comes from feeling good about yourself and your body. Letting go of compulsive overeating can free up energy to spend on other, life-affirming activities.

It can change your life.